A List of My Posts

A List for Organization


Notes on Abstract Algebra

Some notes on Galois Theory

A generalization of the Euler Phi function

Twisted forms in geometry and algebra

Some relations between the index and the exponent of a central simple algebra over a scalar extension

Algebraic Geometry:

An Open Subset of A Scheme Is a Scheme

Being reduced is local-global; an existence theorem for closed points of a Noetherian scheme; reduced at closed points of an affine scheme implies reduced

Fibred Products of Schemes; Some notes

Notes on vector bundles in scheme theory

Algebraic Groups:

Split Semisimple Linear Algebraic Groups of Type A_n


Sheaf Cohomology as a Cohomology Theory on Schemes

Notes on Pure Chow Motives

The Chow ring; an introduction to intersections with projective space

The Chow ring of a special product of Severi-Brauer varieties

The Chow ring of the special linear group and K-(co)homology


The Grothendieck Group of Algebraic Vector Bundles; Calculations of Affine and Projective Space

Grothendieck Group of a Smooth Projective Complex Curve

Computing locally free resolutions of a filtration of projective space

Algebraic K-Theory revisited; the Grothendieck ring of Projective Space

The Grothendieck ring of a Grassmannian

Motivic Cohomology:

Motivic Cohomology I: correspondences

Motivic Cohomology I: presheaves with transfers and sheaves with transfers

Motivic Cohomology I: some categorical constructions

Motivic Cohomology II: A1 algebraic topology

Motivic Cohomology II: categories of étale motives