My name is Eoin (pronounced Owen). I recieved my PhD from the University of Alberta in April, 2019.

Let me first explain the title. During summer 2016, I went to a conference on string theory and derived categories where it was remarked physicists always use more creative adjectives (e.g. ghost numbers). For me, mathematics is the embodiment of creativity. Over the years I started to associate symbols with colors, hence the term colorful algebra. Examples of colorful objects: \mathbb{C} is yellow, \mathbb{A} is orange, \mathbb{P} is purple, K groups are green, \mathbb{Z} is white and it gives rise to a spectrum of colorful fields, \mathbb{F}_2 is cyan, \mathbb{F}_3 is also yellow, \mathbb{F}_5 is red.

Now let me explain the blog’s purpose. In the page, A List of My Posts, you will find — surprisingly — a list of my posts, organized by subject matter. I write these for my own use; some of them contain examples which have been well known for many years but, I (try to) work them out myself since I can understand the material better when I do. As a result, there is overlap in the content of some of my blogs (often in the form of approaching an older topic from a new perspective). Instead of editing the original blog, I prefer to keep them as-is. They serve to remind me of the questions that weren’t clear when I first encountered them and, hopefully, they can serve a similar purpose for others who find them.


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